Playmat Cleaning and Care instructions

Before First Use

  • Remove packaging and discard away from children.
  • Re-roll your play mat in the reverse direction, then lay it flat to allow the play mat to relax.
  • Wipe clean with soft cloth or damp towel.

Cleaning & Care Instructions

  1. Avoid sharp, rough & hot materials from coming in contact with play mat (such as shoes, vacuums, and hot coffee cups). This in turn may cause piercing and holes in the playmat.
  2. Not suitable for outside use.  Direct sunlight and high temps may cause deterioration of the play mat.
  3. Not suitable for animals or pets.  They may cause damage.
  4. Wipe clean with a damp cloth or clean with a gentle detergent.
  5. Avoid using baby wipes to clean with. Some brands may cause damage to the mat’s surface over time.
  6. Heavy furniture placed on the play mat may cause depressions that could become permanent along with tears in the mat.